Take this dell PA-10 AC Adapter for example

Published: 14th October 2010
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I have my laptop AC adapter (PA-1650-01 AC Adapter) in disaster. I tried to clean my adapter while I have a glance of the oil spot attaching on the surface of it. Unfortunately, the wet cloth was sinking too much water. And the adapter was still under working condition. I havenít realized how foolish I was until my laptop adapter got strike.

The expert told that itís common among laptop users that they tried to clean the laptop while in using. That is forbidden for the laptop. Some friends used to have his Hp DV2000 LCD screen in decorated by scratches. These cases are not rare according to the repairing officer. Though it sounds impossible and how funny the owner is. Itís indeed happening always around us. As we all know, there are some instructions when we do some cleaning of our laptop.

The following content tries to show you the preparing of the cleaning and the notification of the maintenance. Take this dell PA-10 AC Adapter for example; the information below is really helpful for you.

All the components of the laptop are dedicated making. Not like the plastic doll, even the spots can make your screen in as mess. Sometimes, we make sense of the maintenance of our notebook computer. But we do it at a wrong time. Before cleaning, we have to do some preparation. Besides the essential cleaning tools, we should prepare our laptop.

Step one: Turn off power and remove the external power cord; remove internal battery and all external device cables. The HP DC359A 402018-001 AC Adapter is surely take off from the plug. Otherwise, you will suffer the same disaster like me.
Step two: A small vacuum cleaner to have the NX6115 Keyboard and other parts of the dust gap sucked.
Step three: Use a slightly damp cloth gently wiping the cabinet surface. Make sure that no liquid sinking inside of the keyboard and other pars of the notebook computer in order to avoid short circuit.
Step Four: Wait for the laptop until completely dry.

You may say it so simple and easy. Exactly! But have you ever follow these steps and keep you laptop in a safety condition while you have it cleaning? The answer is surely not. Next time, keep these steps in mind and make your notebook in guarantee.
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